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Tanya, YOU ARE A FREAKING GENIUS!!!! There’s this HUGE smile on my face as I go through the modules!!! Very easy to follow. Love the RECAP at the end of each module, love the analogies used. It really allows me to make the connections and takes this puzzle and is slowly connecting the pieces. Can’t wait to see the masterpiece at the end but enjoying the process...which is BIG for me as I HATE anything school related!!!!


Before starting Tanya’s class I had little to no knowledge of the stock market or how to invest in it, all I knew was the concept of buying low, selling high. As I progressed through the class my knowledge grew and grew and I have become more confident in my ability to understand the market and the investing procedure. I’ve found myself researching and looking at stocks on a daily basis something I would never have done previously. I have now taken the knowledge that this class has given me to invest in a few stocks and I plan to invest in a lot more in the future.


I have been thinking about getting into investing for quite some time but didn’t make the time to learn about it. When I heard about this class I was very intrigued. I came in with very little knowledge about investing and how it worked. After a few weeks I was exposed to so many resources and a wealth of information about investing. I have started investing and will certainly be diving deeper. My hope is to build a diverse portfolio that will allow me to fund my children’s education, my family’s future and build generational wealth that will be around well after I am gone.
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